USIMAX is a machine shop established in 1992, obtaining ISO-9001 certification in 1996.

The business is managed by engineering specialists and experienced machinists who deliver custom design, machining and assembly services. USIMAX manufactures a wide array of high-quality parts.

The company is especially renowned for its range of gear boxes that rank among the most reliable on the market.

The USIMAX staff is mainly made up of shareholder employees who, through their unwavering dedication and will to consistently better themselves, contribute to the company growth.

Usimax as received the 2009 Jarret prize in the investment project / industrial component category.

USIMAX is known for its prompt delivery and professional technical support. It has undergone a swift and sound growth by relying on the development of innovative products and a stream of services constantly improved to suit the customer's needs.

Pierre A. Dion
President and principal shareholder of USIMAX, Pierre A. Dion is a mechanical engineering specialist with more than 40 years of practical experience in the areas of design, R&D and manufacturing. He received his bachelor of mechanical engineering in 1973.

He acts as a consultant on training and on the establishment of quality-assurance programs and productivity enhancement projects.

Pierre-Luc Dion
Production and Quality Manager as well as an USIMAX shareholder , Pierre-Luc Dion is a graduate in mechanical engineering since 2002. He has experience in design, machining and quality assurance.

He oversees planning efficiency and production follow-up. He is in charge of customer needs analysis and of quotations.